Pawns in Paris~ 001
Pawns in Paris~ 001 chess stories

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Kidnapped brutally and locked in a large room called the "Box" with only one way out. To play chess. If you win you make it to the next round. If you lose you die. Throughout the story, you find out dark secrets about each character and what one thing they all have in common. Will our main characters survive? of course. Right? read and find out!~

Pawns in Paris~ 001

My name is Jisoo. My mother is the principle of a private school me and my sister attend too.

My name is Songi. I go to school with my brother and my best friend was just diagnosed with cancer.

My name is Elliot. I am a foreign exchange student. My parents own a large company in America.

My name is Jackson. I am afraid of balloons. I was kidnapped when I was 7 and suffer from severe PTSD

My name is Gi-Beom... I don't want to die. I simply just don't want to exist. I am my worst fear.

My name is Deok-Gu. I am a scholarship student. I don't have money to pay for my mother's surgery.

Jisoo's Pov~

Today Is Monday I go on bike rides every Monday to pick up a special delivery. My family doesn't know about it. But my sister does.

She knows everything about me, be it my crush or favorite game. For my birthday she bought me a chessboard with extremely rare pieces. I love her with all my heart.

I will protect her with all I have.

My sister has had one real boyfriend. But he is dead. My sister and I are the only two people on earth who would kill for each other. We never end a game. It is always tied.

No winners and no losers. I win every game I play. But with her.. I will never win.

I walk outside and put a hat on to hide my face. I start riding my bike and I ride carelessly as always. I cut through cars and ride between people walking on the sidewalk.

I don't need to care about anybody but my sister. Even if it means I die protecting her. About 30 minutes of riding my bike through alleyways hopping and throwing my bike over fences.

I then arrived. An old fishing dock with a nasty warehouse. I walk to a brick wall that looks older than my great grandmother toe. I put my face mask on and climbed the brick wall.

I reach the top and today I don't see my package. I reach for the handle peaking out the rim of my belt. I look around and there is nothing.

I take my tie out from under my sweater and wrap it around my knuckles and place my other hand on the handle once again.

I then hear someone climb the wall so I hide behind a small pile of old bricks. Once their shoe's land on the cement I pull out my gun and aim directly for their head.

The man drops what I assume to be my package and puts his hands up in fear.

"I have a package for you..." the man seemed scared. The shadow of his hat blocked me from seeing anything but his mouth.

I change my voice to a deeper tone and reply, "You aren't the usual person, who are you?" He looks as if searching for someone to say.

Finally, he speaks, "I'm sorry you didn't get to say goodbye to your sister." Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my head. My body fell weakly off the edge of the building.

I couldn't move my arms to try and break my fall. I was numb. I could only feel the pain in my head as my eyes started to blur.

The last thing I see is a man walk close to my face stepping in the blood that surrounds me.

Songi Pov~

Today is Tuesday. Usually, I would go out with Jisoo and we would check on our factory. But the strangest thing happened. Jisoo never came back home and I never received any texts from him.

Maybe the delivery guy didn't show so he went to find him alone. Or maybe he is staying at a friend's... No, he would never leave me worried.

My parents said it was fine and he can do whatever he wants since he is almost a man. Of course, they don't care.

They adopted us so that they could clear up a scandal that happened all those years ago.

The only people who love us is us. I love him and he loves me. There is nobody who could love me as much as I love my brother.

After thinking a little bit I grab my bag and put my school shoes on to match my school uniform. I check my phone but the batteries are dead and I doubt Jisoo texted back.

I run up the stairs to my room and plug in my phone. At my desk, I unlock the drawer and shove everything aside only to unlock a dummy drawer at the bottom.

I then grab 4 little baggies labeled, "Rain" and put them in a small hidden compartment in my bra. I lock up my drawers and leave the house.

I decided to skip the first class of school to see if Jisoo left the package up there.

Once I arrive there is nothing on the roof of the old brick wall. I then notice a chalk drawing of an arrow.

It's so odd because nobody but Jisoo, the usual delivery man, and I go up here so why would kids be playing with chalk up here? I follow the arrow with deep curiosity.

I then see a huge puddle of blood and I gasp falling back on my hands in shock.

5 minutes pass when I decide to leave and see if it isn't something to worry about.

I make my way to what I hope is paint and see what seems to be a picture.

I try to reach for it without touching the blood but suddenly my shoe slips I fall face first rolling into the pile of blood.

I am so discussed and worried I whine with disappointment and try to wipe the blood off my face. then I look at my hands and from the corner of my eye, I see the picture.

I pick it up and look at it.

"AHHHHH NO!" I screamed and cried with all my might. Tears rolled down my face as I continue to scream. It was a picture of my dear brother lying in his own pool of blood.

His tie around his hand and his gun far from his hand. His poor beautiful face covered in blood that should not be shown.

Whoever dare kill my beloved brother, the only one who was ever there for me... I swear on my life I will kill whoever killed him.

I take deep breaths and notice my kneecaps shaking and my cries sound muffled as I stand. The pain of my brother being dead is unimaginable.

The only person I told everything too wasn't here anymore and I know my arent would never hold a proper funeral for him.

Though I am thinking far ahead I can't stop wondering why someone killed him. Maybe it was because someone didn't like the product we sold...

Or maybe my parents had him killed because they found out we were selling our product... I don't know and I don't care anymore. All I want is my brother back.

I keep the picture in my hand as I take one small step and I find my self frozen as something hits my skull. I hear a loud thump as if a metal pipe of some sort.

I feel my body go numb and I fall to the ground. Tears roll down my face as I try to look around. The last thing I hear is a snap of a camera capturing the moment of my death.

And one last thought runs through my head as my blood mixes with Jisoo's, "Why is my brother dead?"

Elliot's Pov~

Today is Wednesday and I sit on a bench at a park where I am the only one. I feel so beautiful and refreshed. The birds flying around and the flowers are whispering.

The leaves fall as the butterflies flutter. I smile and continue to listen to my favorite classical music. I look at my phone too see the time.

But instead, I see the reflection of a man in a large hat that was blocking me from seeing anything but his lips.

I quickly turn around and try to get up but instead, he pulls me by the collar of my school uniform and he covers my mouth with a cloth. I could do nothing but struggle.

His grip stopped me from moving and there was no way for me to breathe.

The next thing I know I am tied up and there is a cloth tied around my mouth. My hands are tied so closely together I could never even try to wiggle out of them.

I tried to move my feet but they are tied tighter than my hands. I moved my head to look around when someone grabbed me by my hair to keep me still.

Ii widened my eyes deeply and the man with the hat from before was going to take a picture of me. I tried to move so he couldn't but he kicked me in the face and tears fell from my eyes in pain.

I didn't stop wiggling and trying to mess up his picture because I am so stubborn. He then looked infuriated and pulled out a switchblade knife and held it against my throat. I froze in fear...

My life was about to end and I wasn't ready to die especially like this! He then slowly lifted the blade from my neck.

As I thought he wouldn't hurt me he quickly slit a clean cut across my cheek. I cried and wanted to scream. I was scared out of my mind.

He then stabbed me in the shoulder and I screamed as much as I could. I felt like a newborn child screaming. The loss of blood made me dizzy. The pain spiraled and I started to sweat.

He then sat upright and took the picture after saying, "Smile for mommy and daddy"

Jackson's Pov~

Today is Thursday. I live alone. My parents are on a business trip for a few years. I earn money whenever I can so I don't have to use the money my parents left for me.

I went to get changed into my school uniform and I heard my phone buzz. I checked to see and it was another amber alert thing. So far there have been 3missing children.

It doesn't tell me the names obviously so I toss my phone on my bed and continue not to care about the stupid alert.

About 15 minutes later I go downstairs to make myself some breakfast when I get a facetime call from my girlfriend. I answered it and smiled.

"Hey babe" she greeted as always, "I was wondering, what if we skipped school today and I gave you a little surprise" she was obviously meaning something rated TV-MA.

I told her I had exams so I would meet her at her house after school.

After school~

I was walking through the puddles and decided to walk by the river today. I went to walk by the flowers along the river bank. Some sparked yellow while others where plain forget me not's.

I started thinking about random things when I check my phone out of boredom and I see missed notifications from my mother.

I click them to see she texted, "I need these party decorations for your father's birthday tomorrow. Grab them please." Along with an address. I responded, "Okay whatever."

An hour after walking to the address I arrive. I walk in and go through a narrow hallway. The door slammed heavily behind me. I didn't care because I shouldn't.

I reach a room full of balloons... I HATE Balloons~

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