Love, My Deadly Virus
Love, My Deadly Virus  romance stories

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When the sickness breaks out our lives changed. A virus. It makes you fall in love. It makes you delusional. It makes you happy. Why would I want to give up my Happiness so that I can be "Healthy" this is my healthy. YOUR my healthy. I love you Song-i

A story where two strangers meet at a cafe. a kiss causes them to catch a virus and their lives become perfect again. The life they both have always wanted. The virus makes them worry less and they get a lot of money from having the virus. But will they let reality interfere with their happiness when they find out the virus is Deadly? Read to find out!

Love, My Deadly Virus

My name is Ji-soo and My Life Sucks. Here is my everyday routine.

First I wake up

Then I brush my teeth

I take a shower and complete my skincare routine

I call my ex and leave a message as always.

It's been 4 years since she left me. Not once has she answered my calls and not once has she come to see me.

"It's been 4 years Song-i. When are you coming back? I made a cake last night. It burnt so I bought one. His birthday is in a week so I have been practicing cakes to make for him.

I know you won't call me... But please just come over for his birthday. He needs a mother and Ii can't do that as a man so just stop by. I love you."

Then I pack my suitcase and set it on the couch

Next, I Make Coffee and Tea

I do my makeup

I wake up my son Eunew and help him get ready.

I put W110000 in his school jacket and leave his room

By then the maid has prepared my suit and made breakfast for me and Eunew.

After I get dressed I Drink my coffee with Eunew and Talk about his favorite things.

After the alarm on my phone went off I grabbed a jacket to wear over my suit

Eunew raced out of the house to choose a car to drive in. He chose the limo today

The driver dropped Eunew off at school and today I thought I would stop to get some coffee.

"The new line cafe if you will." after I spoke I checked my phone.

Lately, my life has been boring and day by day I feel more depressed. The only reason I am going through with my meds is that Eunew gets scared of me when I don't take them.

After twenty minutes the ar stops. I open my door and enter the new cafe.

The air is so refreshing in here I feel so enlightened

I walk and order my coffee but then someone else walks in... She is so beautiful. her long silk curls look so natural.

Her light makeup glistening in the sun as if we were in a movie scene or a dream. she looked so refreshed as I was when I first walked into this new cafe. I want to talk to her.

Suddenly my coffee order was called and I stop staring

After a few minutes of sipping my coffee and scrolling Commaful on my phone someone pulls out the chair in front of me.

It was the beautiful lady from a moment ago.

We started talking and connected amazingly.

she must have been a dream because I was in love.

After moments of talking about our lives, I ask her, "Do you love anybody?

She smiled and bit her lip nervously, "I think I love-"

As soon as she started speaking she started choking.

She grabbed her neck and gasped for air. She looked as if in pain levels of 100. "Are you okay what's wrong?" I don't know what to say as she clearly can't breathe.

I Look around calling for help as I noticed the cashier who took my order was choking too. Nobody else was in the shop from what I could see. I started to panic and I grabbed for my phone.

I dialed 119 But As I nearly hit enter My throat closed up eminently fast. I dropped my phone and hit the table falling to the floor.

All oxygen was gone as if someone hit my back and I got the wind knocked out of me. But there is no way that it happened to everyone.

How does this happen? Was it the coffee? no, because she got a cookie and water...

I can't even scream in pain. I can hear Song-I wince in pain and the cashier falls to the floor. I curl up as I can feel a sharp pain in my eyes and a thick fluid fall down my face.

I try to gasp for air and feel what was dripping down from my eyes. Expecting tears I see blood. The hell is this. I remembered that if I call 119 they will automatically have my location.

I look at Song-i and her eyes where bleeding but something with her was different... She wasn't moving.

As I can feel my body lose all strength I push with all my might to grab my phone. The crack I caused by dropping my phone pricked my finger as I clicked the call button.

The thought of my son raced through my mind as I heard my heartbeat slow. My eyes getting blurry as I assume they fill with blood.

Only seconds go by when my eyes are completely blacked out and I reached for one last breath of air. Again, no luck.

My eyes forced closed and my hands loosen leaving my phone to slip through my fingertips. My heart lost without a beat.

The End~ Until Next Time ^^


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