Monster under my bed
Monster under my bed  mystery stories

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A story about a monster who became an angel.

Monster under my bed

“Thanks for the supper mommy. It was delicious “

“Thank you honey”

As I hopped onto my bed, I started watching Netflix on my laptop . I don’t sleep in the night time. Well— I thought… what about watching a horror movie with some popcorn and soda.

It’s been a while since I watched a horror movie.

Got some popcorn from the kitchen with Pepsi. Usually , I’m not a fan of horror movies as they don’t exist… well I’ll keep you updated when I finish watching half of the movie.


While I was watching the movie, I heard a soft tone . That must be something else and then came the twist: the actress suddenly hugged the monster. What the hell …I thought to myself.

It was kinda like a circus inside the room.

The battery’s got over so I compulsorily have to sleep. While I was about to sleep, I heard a creaky sound . I must be daydreaming in the night.

Suddenly I heard a soft tone and as it appeared in front of me —ahh I screamed. Oh my god —really? You need not dress up like a monster and scare the heck out of me.

“Oh stop giving lectures my girl” said the monster .

Call them LECTURES or whatever, I don’t care.

Listen, you are my only friend in my life. I just don’t wanna lose you and be careful. No one should know your identity.

“Okay” said the monster.

Good night and get a good sleep daydreaming!

The next day while I was coming back from the school, I saw an ambulance near my house. I got scared and some thoughts, hallucinations about my friend M.

As I went nearer, I saw a fancy dress costume but I couldn’t see the face.

Oh my dear brother— I cried. You’re not a monster, you are like an angel. Rest in peace M

As my mom received the post- mortem , my family was shocked. It wasn’t a heart stroke, it was a murder. Who might have killed my brother? His bullying friends?

The report said that he was punched on his head . His bullies did it. The real monster without any costume did it.

I couldn’t stop crying. I remember those days when he was under my bed trying to scare me .

but now on behalf of his memory, I laid a picture under my bed and listening my ahhh’s stuck in my head. RIP to my bro M.

Remember: the real monsters are the bullies without hiding their identities , almost killing the angels like my brother M.

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