If I could, I would
If I could, I would love #lostlove #missher #imissyou #kiss stories
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jx1_theriault70 I use poem's where my words fail.
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All the things I would do, if i only had a chance too. I'd do something everyday to make each one count.

If I could, I would

I would hold you close,

I would hold you tight,

I would look so deeply into your eyes.

I would brush your hair back,

I would caress your face,

I would hold your gaze.

And if I could,

You know I would,

I'd kiss those lips,

Let my passion flow,

I'd open my heart,

And let it all pore out.

I would grip your waist,

Hold your head,

And let you feel this passion once again.

Because if I could,

You know I would,

With just one chance,

I'd kiss you with all the love I have.

And if you,

Feel it too,

Our love will renew.

And I will make it my life,

To always hold you tight,

And kiss you every morning,

And every night.

If only I could,

I would,

Do anything,

And everything,

Make it feel right again....

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