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Over thinking....
Look deeper, past the deceiver..Imagination, the most truthful description of ones self

By: ME, plus that small Oscar Wilde quote

by Me, plus 1 Oscar Wilde quote

All words can hold value, words about other worlds are sometimes hold far more value. When describing A world that does not exist, a person can truly reveal themselves.

Most likely their ideals can be revealed, or perhaps their fears and how this world makes them feel could be what they reveal.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."

-Oscar Wilde

(That is word for word, I try to ignore gender in any historic philosophy that could easily be applied to the general public.)

I like that quote, though it is dangerous, because if you give the mask to an internally Evil person, the their demons will come out to play,

but if you give it to an internally sweet and good hearted person, that has been afraid to reveal themselves in our cold world, then we might get to see an Angel in out world.

Writing is a good way for someone to reveal their true nature, however, false words are easily writing, just as easily as they are said. But there is irony in our writings and words.

We are ironically more truthful when we are not talking about our realities. If we speak with our imagination of things beyond what we can see, then for what purpose would we lie.

To peer deep down into a someones, all we must do is pay attention to their wishes, dreams(imagination is included with dreams), and what makes them laugh.

It has never been what is fact that defines a person and how they act. After all, nothing logical has ever had enough value to stop us from searching for something more.

Look past the surface, and a heart will shall find, one filled with love far beyond our logical world.....

As confusing as that may seem, it was occupying my mind. Luckily my stories are from imagination and other worlds. Oddly it is far more simple to read.

Creating a whole different universe is easier than talking about or using our own Lol

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