6 Slides about Jordan
6 Slides about Jordan stories
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juvethetimeHi I am 12 years old I live in Ohio
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6 Slides about Jordan

by juvethetime

I grew up in Ohio.

Growing up here was interesting because Great weather and people .

I initially got into this because I love to write poetry .

My proudest moment was when

I climbed Mnt. Canon.

My dream is to Become a psychologist a and poet.

I want this because Because I feel like I can read children's emotional faces and I just love to write.

Now, I am a 7th grader.

I am goin into 7th grade

I'm looking forward to Everything that life has to give.

I'm excited about this because I get to show my hard hopefully good work.

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The tital says it all

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
welcome welcome @juvethetime :) excited to see some of your poetry!!

juvethetimeHi I am 12 years old I live in Ohio
a year agoReply
I use it the same way and I just got on here so I have nothing posted on here so don't feel to bad

a year agoReply
@juvethetime oh that's amazing!! i use poetry as a way to express my feelings and thinking. i still need to post more on here

juvethetimeHi I am 12 years old I live in Ohio
a year agoReply
Well my teacher has us have a day where we have a half an hour or so to write whatever you want and it's due the next Wednesday and I chose poetry and I just got into it and I love writing it how did you get into poetry

a year agoReply
welcome!! how did you start writing poetry? :)