Take Aim, or Be Aimless
Take Aim, or Be Aimless existentialism stories

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I propose a question: If one possesses a goal that gives their life meaning, then would one with no goal have no meaning of life, or vice versa?

Take Aim, or Be Aimless

To many, there is life with a definitive goal

A forthcoming to understand what can be reached

A Visionary sees before them a great hole

The Visionary knows to not be permanently beached

Two methods: jump the hole, or go around it

The former is the quickest; the latter is the longest

Both certainly possess a mental fit

And the one chosen is for the particular strongest

The Visionary weighs for what is best suited

For once it is executed, there are no resets

The Visionary does best to not have his vision diluted

For the sake of his goal, he cannot forget

Observing forward with an unbreakable gaze

The Visionary takes the step with daring determination

As he progresses, he disappears into a misty haze

Because, for some, they never witness his absolution

For some, they lead a life absent of goals

They simply go wherever with nothing planned ahead

This individual, this Wanderer, roams with no soul

The husk he dawns is only filled with dread

The Wanderer lacks the needed responsibility

Unable to take action when it is best utilized

Any effort he puts forth is not in totality

And what remains after is seemingly vaporized

But, most importantly, is there a meaning to life?

For the Wanderer, does he possess such a thing?

Is he constantly wielding to his throat a knife?

Perhaps, for he is not his own king

The Wanderer, however, does not commit suicide

He may be a coward, but not to that degree

The Wanderer bears hope in his cyanide

That he may partake and behold that he is free

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