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Just a sharing of a thought.

Productivity Outside Work

Have you ever thought about the things you could possibly do or get done once you clock out of your required employment?

I'm not talking about participating in the usual, mundane activities when you first arrive home. Tending to chores, watching television, playing video games, or just sitting in awkward silence.

There has to be something that comes to mind that begs for your time and attention, no matter how much you try to shake it off.

Perhaps there's an important task that needs to be done. Perhaps you need to call someone to schedule an event or small activity, or just to simply talk about things.

Perhaps you'd like to play a role in making a change for the better.

Despite the physical and mental fatigue we receive when working our daily duties, there is still plenty to do at home or outside that can be put towards a short-term or long-term goal.

Take me, as well as the rest of the users here, for example.

We like to spend our time writing about stories, poems, ideas, concepts, or whatever thoughts happen to cross our minds,

and then share them with others through an unimaginably vast medium known as the Internet.

Depending on the efficacy of what is written, the words used to convey a comprehensive,

thought-provoking passage presents a path to viewing things from a different perspective and with a need to go more in depth for whatever it is we'd like to have a better understanding of.

Then there are other meaningful activities besides writing, like personal research, participating in a charity, doing social work, and many others.

Even if you're an individual who happens to be the non-productive type, it's never too late to start out small and gradually build yourself up.

The bottom line is that there are much more important things we all can be doing during that small window of opportunity from work.

It's an unhealthy habit to be accustomed to a condition in which we reactively decide that the day is almost over and resort to lounging about.

This is likely a short story you'll ignore and bypass in favor of another, more personally appealing one; but, if you're reading this now,

then it shows that you are willing to take the time to read through it, or at least skim through it.

Either way, I give you my thanks, and I hope this acts as a small, informative lesson to add to your overall knowledge. Have a wonderful day.

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