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Clean your room. Do it. (I obviously came up with this on the fly, but I wanted to post at least something.)


Every weekend, without fail, I must clean

To keep everything neat and tidy

The smell of glass cleaner is serene

And a wet towel makes the surface shiny

The bedroom truly shines when it's organized

When the window projects the morning rays

The sight leaves me feeling satisfied

Separating me from the dirty fray

I spend most of my time in my bedroom

But, who wouldn't? It's so appealing

Granted, I should put away the broom

Placed in a corner, it's quite revealing

I cannot imagine it being filthy

I'm always on top of it, no matter what

Nothing is out of place or appears gritty

It's apparent when I wish to not be blunt

The best part is the calming silence

As if I have a realm of my own

Rarely can I hear others' utterance

Over the sound of the AC's drone

I'm feeling a little jittery right now

My bedroom is certainly the place to be

Please excuse me, but, wow!

I must retreat there, for I wish to be free!

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