Alone. Reclusive
Alone. Reclusive loneliness stories

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When one feels hopeless, lacking companionship in others and has nowhere else to turn, what is it that they do next?

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Alone. Reclusive

The company of others is not suited for me

Though I cannot deny that it makes one feel more free

They all gather. They all laugh. They talk. They play

I separate from them, to write, to read, and to lay

It appears that they have fun around each other

Bonds so close that they are like sisters, like brothers

It is difficult to think this way. I am but an individual

A human who is lacking in the empathetic reciprocal

I will not excuse myself by saying, "I cannot help it"

Honestly, I refuse to include it within my organic kit

I am completely aware of what is required

It is something I very strongly desire

But, alas, here I am. Isolated and brooding

Emotions and thoughts slowly penetrating this tin roofing

It is very quiet. It is somewhat cold

Inside this house, this room, that is of old

I ponder about most of my past encounters

None of which are worthy enough for a banter

Many have approached me with sincere kindness

But have I ever provided them with the same likeness?

They greet, make eye contact, smile, and speak with genuineness

I reply with no eye contact, little facial expression, appearing with rudeness

I mean no harm to my fellow people

Though my behavior and attitude are non-agreeable

I wish to apologize to those whom I have offended

Their openness and kind gestures are what should be defended

"I am terribly sorry, may you forgive me?

I am truly nice. Give me a chance and you will see"

Why is it a task that is too far out to reach?

Allow it to be like a galleon that will approach and beach

I simply implore you, grant me the strength to persist

So that I may continuously stand, charge, and resist

Hm, I am talking about myself far too much

I suppose it is a pathetic attempt to place myself on a crutch

Well then, no need to have others worrying about me

I will venture out, witness the beauty around me, and continue to flee

I know that there is another place I have yearned for

I have thought of it many times now, even before

This realm, even in all of its splendor, has left me bored

May I take my leave, and transcend to a new world

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