A Cold Delivery
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An unfortunate journey.

A Cold Delivery

A beautiful Winter scene before his eyes

Snowcapped mountains and burning red skies

The frozen air nipping away at his skin

But not when one is numb from a bottle of gin

The man has tread many dangerous territories

No matter the challenge, he makes his deliveries

The powdery snow swallows half of his legs

But pulls them out with the help of his pegs

The sun is behind the mountains

The clouds extend outward like a fountain

However, the man bears witness to a warmly lit cabin

He's made it to the seemingly small Heaven

Alas, there is a howl or two

They were off in the trees just passing through

The man stood guard, awaiting their appearance

Yet it's silent, like they made their disappearance

He knocks on the door, and a young, beautiful woman answers

"Hello, ma'am, here is the information you're after"

She gracefully accepts the package and gives a warm smile

"Thank you very much. How about you stay a while?"

"Unfortunately, that will not be possible

For I'm expected and could be held liable

If it weren't the case, I would be delighted

You have, however, made my day brightened

"That is too bad. You seem like a good man

But, I do understand. You do what you can

I will be sure to send you a letter, though

We can exchange a series of them, to and fro"

The two bid each other goodbye

Both so truthful, they bear no lies

The man departs for his camp

Bracing himself and lighting his lamp

The wind grows stronger, only a bit

But the night scenery was a perfect fit

The woman's face was a great reminder

Ergo, it was what made him stronger

Suddenly, there was a bark, and he was attacked

A wolfpack, not hesitating to retract

The man rushed to stand and flee

Whilst fighting against the Winter breeze

One-by-one, the wolves jumped at him

He dodged them, but survival was slim

Reluctantly, he slid down the nearest hill

Covered himself in snow and remained still

A long time had passed. They're likely gone

The man sat up, and viewed a map he'd drawn

However, he strayed too far from the path

Now he has to face Winter's wrath

He stumbled to the nearest tree

Sat down, and made his final decree

Thinking about life and how it carried him along

And, now, it gave him a moment not too long

The wolves, the snarling beasts, have returned

Wanting to claim their prize as their stomachs churned

The man thought of her face for one last time

The man smiled, "This is surely sublime"

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