Purely whites
Purely whites 
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justtpeachyy Just a Poet in the Shadows
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Purely whites

One day you come and smile with those pearly whites, say sweet things, sweeter than my sweet tooth, we talked, we laughed I looked at you and think, you’re mine, you’re something in this cold life that is mine, and for a while I had you, I gave you all my love for that’s all I can offer...

and I thought, that was it, you were the one, ha. the one, the one that left, left like a leaf I’m chasing in the wind, something I can not stop or control, Force of nature pulling you away, like a liquid slipping through my fingers...

Though, when you were mine I would imagine how one day at 2 AM, we would be dancing to sweet music, while the refrigerator light was the only thing shining on our silhouette, I would think one day when we were old we would still fantasize about

the world, like when we were kids walking and exploring. We would grow together, like two seeds in one pot, But it’s today, and the pearly whites are like a dream, an allusion, the bouncing hair I would notice, all gone for all the proof I have

are the memories I remember, You left, is something I have to remind myself every day to keep me from going and crying to you, You left, now there is no us, there is only me Of course, there is what people say,

using, abusing my love for his own gain, shameless really, I’m standing the like a child saying no way he would steal my toys and leave knowing they’re my favorite knowing that I share them with him, Not sharing them with nobody,

that I gave a piece of me to him… he left, And now I feel worse than numb, I feel dead not because he left, Its because he tricked me into loving him when he never loved me

Dead, to the point where I can’t think about the refrigerator at 2 AM, Waste thought, One day maybe a fellow will come along, not taking my love for granted, and bringing me back to life, reminding me what is good, about having two seeds in one

pot… it is good, for that the seeds are more likely to grow and flourish.

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