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justshutupxd A writer making the world brighter
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by justshutupxd

There was a time when I was thought to be a prodigy.

The constant questions asking what I could be.

But being a child prodigy isn't all its cracked up to be.

All those applications for scholarships and academic events are very time-consuming.

You go from being a child to be expected to be a genius.

And there's nothing to prepare you for the beating you didn't know was coming.

All those dreams and aspirations?

Taken away without a second chance at recovery.

You look back hoping that you may fix this shit.

But find out that in reality none of it is worth it.

Unless you're a genius,

You'll just fade back into society like you never meant anything.

Just accept that you're more normal than you thought.

And maybe you'll be given something that's not for naught

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