A Life Without
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A Life Without

by justshutupxd

Once upon a time

There was a small child.

She had a best friend

And that friend's family became her life.

That friends family became her own.

And her older brother became her love.

This girl trusted this boy.

More than anything.

And he dared her to do things.

Things that made her feel unclean.

Things her real mom warned her about.

The only advice she ever listened to.

This small child is older now.

And she is afraid of the world.

She lost that best friend.

And found a new love.

But she can't trust him because of the first.

And she never told him what was wrong.

Because of her fear,

She scared her new love away.

And now she is just as alone and scared

As she was before.

This girl?

Is me.

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