Born to die
Born to die short story stories
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The final moment of Algoria's first hero

Born to die

"Di...did we do it?" He coughed "Did we defeat them?" asked Earendil. His voice weakening and his breath becoming increasingly shallow with every word.

"We did it Earendil. We defeated the Stillias and they are in full retreat. This is it, my friend, this is where we made our stand and won.

The Division is advancing forward and soon, we will have them back in Stillaros. That's where we'll end this once and for all" Haga exclaimed in a triumphant tone.

His ecstasy vanished when he ascertained the extent of Earendil's wounds. There was nothing that could be done to prevent the inevitable. Haga's eyes fixed on Earendil's with a deep sorrow.

Earendil though, showed no fear. There was only peace. He had accepted that his end was nearing and welcomed death. He had avoided this fate countless times.

Often wondering why others had succumbed to morality but not him.

Now, he knew why. This was his purpose. His death would inspire millions to stand against the regime and destroy it.

As he looked over the battlefield at the advancing silhouettes of the Algorian warriors marching into the setting sun, the aging warrior cracked a smile that had been absent for years.

Algoria would now stand up and be counted for in a world full of tyrants. Her people would thrive and defeat the evils of the world and liberate those that have been enslaved for generations.

Earendil though, would not be there to see it. He had played his part in the story of Algorias rise but it was time for him to rest.

He took in one last deep and meaningful breath as he gazed into the sun one last time.

"Siofra, my love..."

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