Where do we go?
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justme14 Community member
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Where do we go?

According to the Bible, if you’re good heaven, and if you’re bad hell.

I’m still not totally convinced with this idea, please don’t get me wrong, I was raised Pentecostal, God fearing! I just wonder where do we go from here? What are we doing here?

What is our purpose? Have we already exist? Maybe we just carry a bit of ourselves in every life we’ve lived.

Sometimes I catch myself going outside the box on my normal routines, and doing things I’d never think of doing, and actually being good at doing them to.

I wake up ready to tackle the world, when the mood strikes, with no plans I get in my car and drive someplace new,I interact with strangers and try to record their faces ,

their voices and wonder have I already had some type of encounter with them in some type of past or other life. Are the people we meet meant to cross our paths? So we can later dream about them.

Since it’s been said that we can’t recreate faces in our dreams,we just had them stored in our memories already, we just don’t remember!

With that thought in mind now where do we go after we die,?will there be another us? Will I always be me in different bodies? In hell? In heaven?


What about the aliens, do none of you have the slightys idea that there is something more out there, of course the majority thinks by believing so,it would debunk the belief in God our savior,

it’s very confusing at times .

Will our souls just be put into a baby being born? And are memories with this erased leaving a drop of you in the past life? And the world just continues on forever?

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