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Shadow figure encounter

Shadow Man

One night after dinner, I Got into the warm bath I prepared myself, for a calming relaxing night. After I was done I put on a long t shirt to go to bed in. I watched some t.

v and played games on my phone until I started feeling sleepy. Not sure when i dosed off, but I was awaken by a presence, I could feel someone watching me.

I looked around the dark room, and saw nothing.

Suddenly I look towards my window and see a very tall Silhouette figure of a man,a shadow, I could not see his face ,everything was black almost as if his face was distorted ,It was a blur.

He did not speak,even when I yelled out “ whos there” ,he just stared at me. I was paralyzed in fear, for what seem to be 5 min.,.

I felt so afraid but I decided to slowly slide out of my sheets and crawl into the living room to a awake my kids, I needed to make sure that they were safe.

I ran across the dark figure, Trying not to look at it, But feeling it’s presence still there.

I woke up my oldest son 18 yrs old at the time , and began to explain, there was somebody out in the window.

We both looked around ,even opened the back door towards where the window is ,and found nothing , nothing at all.

I was so sure that something was there ,and not so far away , I even looked around the backyard with a flashlight.

Nevertheless I told my son to go back to bed that I would wake him if I saw anything weird again.

That night I slept with the light on and my door open, It was hard for me to go back to sleep, I kept looking at that window.

You have to understand something , my window was a very high window and ,I had a little bit of open space in the top so for person to be that tall ,was already very scary for me.

For several nights to come ,I continued to see the black figure in my window, I felt that It did not want to come inside, And even though I was afraid, I thought it just wanted to watch.

I began praying hard and asking God to have his angels watch over me, Soon after that I can’t remember why I just stopped looking towards the window and forgot all about the shadowy figure.

I live in a different place now ,and sometimes even though I live in the second floor, I feel that I might have another visit.

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