Open the door it’s Mommy
Open the door it’s Mommy childhood trauma stories

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Childhood trauma

Open the door it’s Mommy

My childhood was a good one, unfortunately it was filled with several dramatic times for me. One incident I remember was when I was 6 yrs old. I was watching t.

v with my older brother Alan 8 yrs old, and my smaller brother called Peter he was 3 yrs old. My mom was in the kitchen washing dishes. Suddenly we hear banging on the door 🚪.

Who can that be knocking at the door so late at night thought my mom. The knocking soon turns to louder banging, accompanied by yelling and kicking.

Mom says kids that’s Billy please just go to you’re rooms, everything will be fine.

Alan said take Peter we can all go to our room, suddenly the door start to get broken in, while my mom cries and tell us to hide. I could hear her calling the police.

Telling them to please hurry she had her ex lover breaking in the door.

I ran to the the bathroom with Peter, while Alan hid under the bed, I thought Peter and I would be safer in the bathroom cause it had a lock in the door, the banging and yelling continued,

soon after Alan started screaming to let him in the bathroom, I opened the door and mom yelled to please lock the door.

As we are all huddled up on the floor crying, I hear my mom yelling “he broke the door in. “We were all very terrified.

We could here allot of things being broken and what sounded like a physical fight, he kept asking where are the kids, while mom yelled don’t open the door, then she started yelling kill me,

but don’t hurt my kids. Suddenly things get silent, and we here a knock in the bathroom door, saying “ open the door it’s me mommy”.

It didn’t sound like her so I yelled no, soon after mommy started yelling again “Don’t open the door”. He continued to beg disguising his voice” it’s mommy it’s ok let me in”.

Again my mother begged to please kill her, and to leave the kids alone. After what felt like an eternity, my mom said it’s ok open the door guys I’m o.k .

When we saw her she was all beat up, had bite marks and black and blues all over her body. We finally heard the cops coming.

Billy was a boyfriend my mom had recently dumped ,cause he was way to possessive . The cops took him to jail, we never saw him again, he had prior warrants.

Till this day I hear the knocking on the door and his voice saying “ it’s me mommy open the door 🚪”!

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