My Letter to Future Self
My Letter to Future Self letter to future self stories

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My Letter to Future Self

Hey you it’s me from the past, yes me, by that I mean you! Don’t scream 😱, oh God please don’t scream again, we always thought about what you would tell you’re future self if you could.

Ok I’ll tell you something no one can possibly know, like that time.... Great now that you finally believe me, let’s get down to business.

Stop being so emotional, Listen; up until now it hasn’t accomplish anything, please stop that! we are so much more calm, and relaxed, when we don’t take things so serious.

Age is just a number, but we already know that , we are children at heart.

I’m glad you’ve kept up with working out, this is why you are able to still be alive and read this! So here goes something important I want to tell you, future self, you are my hero, yes you!

You have always been, I wish you just believe in yourself, with conviction of truly understanding how amazing you truly are,

and how you have always accomplished everything you’ve set you’re mind to do , So listen lady stop stressing, and live you’re life like it’s a gift, live like it’s a blessing, cause it is!

Remember you are more than capable of acting independently, all you need is the will and the fight,! Live, love, kick ass, conquer. You’re my hero❤️

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