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true story

Movie Role

In one of my many endeavors, I decided to try out in a part for a low budget vampire movie. I awas already modeling for a well known, modeling agency.

Who would send us to different casting roles or where ever there was work for models. I was super excited to get my first role in a movie. I always dreamed about playing in a movie.

I was more excited to find out it was a vampire movie. I got handed the script and was told to study the lines for a bit, they would call me shortly.

As I looked around they had beautiful woman everywhere, long hair brunettes, blondes with blue eyes, Beautiful tan with curly hair. I mean the variety of mix woman was evident.

They all practiced there lines. After an hour or more long, finally it was my turn .

When I walked in there was a bald short white guy, with glasses, and a white flannel shirt, and some khaki pants on. He quickly shook my hand and prompted me to sit in a desk.

He then told me to start saying my lines . Excited I began “ please mr. Bennett , is there anything else I can do to get my grade up.

Anything at all?” “ my mom and dad will kill me if I show them this” . Please mr.

please “; Lets pause here from the story a min, for those of you wondering that the lines were kinda of on the porn side, I want to let you know I did too,

but also thought that vampire movies are also kind of sexy. aren’t day?

Okay back to story., As soon as I read my lines the short flannel shirt wearing guy, proceeded to unbuckle his belt , pull his Penis out, hold it on his right hand.

He got closer to me and said “ok now read you’re lines a bit more convincing”.

At that point , I Starred at his hand holding he’s soft penis, and thinking about options, and how I would let this play out.soon after i slapped him with the script on his penis.

As I left I said he should be ashamed. Walking out I looked at all the woman behind me, and tried to remember the ones I saw come out with movie roles. I decided to just leave home.

Vampire movies have never been the same for me. I always remember this small penis just hanging there.

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