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It is time that society doesn't make us feel bad for being ourselves.


What do you see in yourself?

What has this society made you feel towards yourself?

Well for me, society has pushed me to where I can't stand to look in the mirror anymore.

I look at what other people think is attractive and that, my friend, is not me. I am not "perfectly" skinny with curves in the "right" places.

But I would hope you don't feel the same about yourself.

The society has a weird way of telling you how to express yourself.

They say to just be you and to love yourself.

However; when you finally build up the courage to post a stunning photo of yourself, there's always someone who will tell you you're wrong.

I know this because I'm guilty of thinking they're wrong, and it's more than likely that you are too.

We may not have had the guts to say it to their face, but we think it.

Anytime you see a post of a young woman who poses quite daringly with exposed skin, what do you think?

What we should see is a woman who loves her self and feels confident enough to post how she feels about her body.

Not a "slut" who only wants attention or sex from guys. But a woman who loves herself enough to show her beauty.

What if it were you who had the confidence to post something like that only to be shut down and called unthinkable names?

This is only one example of ways that society tears you down, but trust me, I could go on.

It is time we start to love everyone for who they are and how they choose to express themselves.

It is time to feel comfortable in our own skin.

It is time...

I hope this helps improve your perspective on how to look at people.

No one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and no one should be hated for the way they choose to express themselves.

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