To live
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To live

To live

Curiosity led to a burden and, thus, inhibition.

Afraid of none but oneself, held true to pride with no sense of vision.

Faltering sense of duty but never of morality.

Never truly understood why the spirit was so misunderstood, knowledge or ignorance of spirituality.

Tilted columns paved the way to the unknown,

Following pillars, meant to wander alone.

Tilted perspective of that which lies steady gave way to a world of one's own.

To stand at the foot of the world is to live.

To live is to embrace all that which you would rather not embrace.

To sacrifice all is to bear the pain of those who dare not live, to those who think not to give.

To embrace the demons that live within us all is to know we are both angels and devils in this place.

Flaws run deep within my eyes as they do yours.

Light seeps from within and escapes illuminating all even that which we rather not see.

To stand idle is to let the world spin while inhibiting mind and spirit from running its course.

To walk forward into that which we would rather avoid is to live emboldened and free.

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