Bob’s Monday Morning
Bob’s Monday Morning random stories

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Can bob survive his Monday morning? Read to find out his routine.

Bob’s Monday Morning

It was a Monday. As the sun came out from under the earth, Bob woke up. Annoyed nonetheless. "Monday?! Ugh." He groaned. Coffee, eat, sleep. That was Bob's normal routine.

Monday's were different though. Much different. On Mondays, his routine was to make coffee, then eat, and then GO TO WORK! And he didn't even get much sleep on Monday's.

Bob slugged into the kitchen, where he heaved a bowl of water onto the stove. Sizzle, went the water, as it began to boil. He then tossed in one to many coffee beans into the pot.

Plop! Went the beans, as they were submerged in the blistering water.

Carefully, he lifted the bowl up, and poured it into his cup. Slosh! Went the coffee, when it collided with the cold glass.

He set the glass on his one-person table, and headed over to his small fridge, where he grabbed a chilly milk carton. Bob then poured the milk onto his foot. Cold, it sloshed between his feet.

Where he then bent over, and gobbled down his little foot, only to have it grow back not a minute later!

Finished with his meal and his coffee, he slugged out of his home, and onto the warm sand. "Work," he sighed, "Doesn't get much worse then this!". He lay on the sand. Waiting.

A few minutes later, his first customer arrived.

"Look mommy!" The customer cried, "A real life starfish!"

Bob sighed, he preferred to be called his scientific name, Asteroidea, rather then starfish. Trembling, he saw the small hand reach for him.

Disgusted, he thought,"Touch tank duty is the worst!"

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