Her Hidden Side A Harry Potter Short Story Series
  Her Hidden Side


A Harry Potter Short Story Series

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This is only book one of a series about Draco, Jeremiah, and Jenny. Book two will be out soon...hopefully.

Jenny is a sweet but silent Ravenclaw with a peculiar love for her stuffed rabbit that she carries everywhere. She is also Draco Malfoy's crush. Even though she may not seem like the Slytherin Prince's type, Jenny has a hidden side of her that no one has ever seen.

Her Hidden Side A Harry Potter Short Story Series

Draco looked back down at the book he was reading in an attempt to divert his gaze from the girl who had just entered the Slytherin common room.

He couldn't help but watch as she shifted the small, stuffed rabbit she was always carrying around to her other arm.

He frowned slightly as one of the other Slytherin walked over to the cute Ravenclaw and began telling her off for entering the common room that was clearly not her house's common room.

"Hey! David! Back off and leave her alone!" David turned and stood gaping as one of Slytherin's finest, Jeremiah King, ran down the stairs and wrapped an arm around his twin sister's shoulders.

"Are you alright, Jenny?" Jenny nodded. As far as Draco knew, she didn't talk. "Let's go then." Jeremiah scowled at David as he led his sister out of the common room.

David crossed the room and flopped down beside Draco. "Who was that?" He asked. Draco marked his book and looked over at the slightly younger boy. "That was Jeremiah's twin sister.

She's always been allowed in the Slytherin common room. I suggest you leave Jeremiah and Jenny alone. They're a force to be reckoned with.

" David nodded, letting the information sink in, as he leaned back against the couch. "Should I apologize?" Draco shook his head as he stood up.

"Jeremiah will take that as a challenge and Jenny would stand by him no matter what." Draco ran his hands through his hair as he began climbing the stairs two at a time.

It was nearly midnight before Draco gave up on sleeping and changed back into his daytime clothes before he left the common room completely to take a walk.

He had only just made it out into the corridors when he collided rather roughly with someone. He stood up and began dusting himself off. "I am so sorry!" He apologized without looking up.

"I wasn't paying attention. That was all my fault." He finally looked up and grimaced slightly when he saw Jeremiah King also picking himself up off the ground. "It's cool, Malfoy.

" Jeremiah spat out as Jenny helped him up. "Just watch out." Jenny waved back to Draco as they walked off.

It was at that moment that Draco was glad that the darkness of the corridors was hiding his blush from sight. Sighing, Draco continued on his way. Only to run into yet another problem.

These problems just happened to go by the names of Crabbe and Goyle. They were, in fact, Draco's ex-friends and his current bullies. "Hello, Crabbe, Goyle. What do you want now?" Goyle smirked.

"We were just wondering why the orphan Slytherin is running around in the corridors at night. You couldn't be going to meet your little friends could you?" Draco frowned.

"Which friends?" Crabbe stepped menacingly closer to Draco. "Potter, Weasley, and the mudblood." He spat out. Draco scowled.

"How dare you call Hermione that!" Without another thought, he whipped his wand out and held it against Crabbe's throat. But he didn't think about how outnumbered he was.

A little while later, he awoke to someone slapping his cheek repeatedly. He groaned and opened the eye that wasn't swollen shut. It was Jeremiah.

"What happened to you, Malfoy?" He asked as he helped Draco stand up. "Crabbe and Goyle." Jeremiah nodded and handed Draco a handkerchief.

"Thanks," Draco muttered as he pressed it against his bleeding nose. "What are you doing out here?" Jeremiah huffed annoyedly. "Jenny dropped her rabbit out of her bag while we were over here.

I figured it had happened when you ran into us. But, obviously not." Draco nodded. "I'll help you look for the rabbit." Jeremiah smiled slightly. "Thanks, Malfoy.

It'll make my life a whole lot better." They walked around, looking, silently for a while before Draco broke the silence.

"So, what's the deal with the rabbit?" Jeremiah turned towards him and slowed down. "It was the last present our mother gave her before she died.

It's practically been a part of Jenny's body ever since." Draco nodded. He understood that one. His parents had, after all, abandoned him a couple of years ago. But he still kept his mother's favorite necklace in his room at the orphanage he now lived in.

"So, Malfoy, what's your story," Jeremiah asked cautiously. Draco smirked, amused. "My parents were Death Eaters and now I'm an orphan. It's simple as that." Jeremiah chuckled quietly.

"Sounds pretty simple to me." Jeremiah muttered. Draco chuckled and continued looking for the rabbit. "Does Jenny's rabbit have a name?" Jeremiah laughed.

"She named that dumb rabbit after one of her favorite beliefs." Draco smiled. "Which belief?" Jeremiah looked over at Draco, looking him up and down scrutinizingly.

"Well, she named it Karma. But I do have a quick question for you." Draco glanced away from him sheepishly, knowing already that he had let his feelings show too much.

"What is it, Jeremiah?" Jeremiah grinned slightly in the dark as Draco's interest in finding the rabbit seemed to increase significantly. "Well, first off, call me Jere. Everyone else does. And, second off, how long have you liked my sister?"

Draco sighed and scooted away from Jere before he answered. "Let's just say that she may be one of the reasons that my parents decided they didn't want me anymore." Jere looked astounded.

"A-and you still... love her?" Draco nodded guiltily. Jere smiled happily. "You have my blessing." Draco stopped walking suddenly and turned to face him. "W-what?!" Jere nodded simply. "Now, let's find her rabbit and then we can try to get you a date."

Draco watched, dumbfounded, as Jere continued searching for the stuffed animal like nothing had happened. Eventually, Jere hollered back to him, "Sometime tonight, idiot!" Draco sighed and started following him again.

Finally, they found Karma the rabbit. "Got it!" Draco hollered over to Jere. "Oh, hallelujah!" Draco laughed as Jere practically kissed the rabbit out of happiness. "Now we can go to bed!" Draco nodded excitedly. "I'm so tired I thought I was gonna pass out while we were walking." He agreed.

Jere frowned and sighed sympathetically. "We do need to get you to Madam Pomfrey though, Draco." Draco sighed. "Yeah, I guess you're right. You go ahead and get Karma to your sister and I'll get myself to the hospital wing."

Jere laughed. "Nice try. I'll walk you over there real quick." Draco shrugged and walked beside Jere as he lead the way to the hospital wing. "Well," Jere began when they made it to the door of the hospital wing. "I'll see you later.

And don't worry. I'll make sure Jenny knows that it was you who found Karma for her." Draco chuckled and waited until Jere had disappeared from the corridor before he went inside the hospital wing.

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