My little jewel
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justasmltwngurl A journey is best taken together.
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How can nature create such beauty!!

My little jewel

There she sits on her plush cushion set. How elegantly she waits to be dressed. A polite wealthiness.

I wonder what she would like to wear today? What material would compliment her features best? Is it to be all encompassing enriching hues or a light wash to highlight her beauty?

Hours pass and with each her loveliness surpasses my expectations. Finally, there I have it! A perfect frame stands before me as I peer into her sparkling inner core.

I am swept away by her ancient aura. She seems calmly assertive now she is ready to be showcased. A guiding light on her cold-hearted band. All the effort was worth it.

In a moment, the world stands still as I raise my hand to the sunlight, her sparkling glory casting rainbow delights. She is one and only, my little jewel.

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