The black sheep.
The black sheep. poetry stories

justasadcoffee Sip a hot coffee while watching the rain
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Don't follow the herd that doesn't accept you as their own.

The black sheep.

There was once a black sheep in a family of whites He was unique among the herd

The sun rised to all with its might But the way they treated him was absurd

As a coffee amongst the teas For the different is despised

By both adults an children he was teased But everytime he rised

Until one night the wolves started to howl The black sheep had a plan but he was ignored

A sea of blood scattered in the den and the scent was foul All because the black sheep was deplored

(Just don't discriminate anyone, may it be skin color, race, religion, family bloodline, or any other difference that person has as long as they don't hurt anybody.)

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