Better days.
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Sorry if I haven't uploaded in awhile. Here's a speech from my sudden breakdown yesterday

Better days.

The cold air of the morning prevents me to rise from my slumber But the thought of gives my soul the fuel it needs to wake up I smile from my first meal of the day till the moment i see you A warm feeling in my chest rises up as you smile with an aura of a thousand celestials

Day by day I try to be the best version of me The one that you would be proud off The one that would suffice for everything you need But as always competition strikes

Struggling to accomodate for my flaws I try to be unique To be the one brave enough to stand up to you and confess what I felt early on I was astonished when you still acted like a pal after that Oh for a fool I was to forget it was an act

Things started to spiral down The great moments we had kept me going It gave me enegy to tackle on the problems of life and keep a decent smile Too bad when someone guides you to soar high to the skies, the quick and painful fall will be felt as they leave

Lying on bed in my room with a dim light beside me in the middle of the night I recollect all of our memories As well as every regret along with it I sink further down into the abyss of gloominess, reaching out to you once again in hopes of rescue

But people change And you can't force them to revert back to how they were back then Disappointment always rises to the people that expects too much and tries too hard Good days are the same as music. A person must enjoy and feel every second of it as it lasts, for one day it will surely end

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