As I close my eyes.
As I close my eyes. dreams stories

justasadcoffee Sip a hot coffee while watching the rain
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Can there be a reality where I don't have to wake up anymore?

As I close my eyes.

As I close my eyes and fall asleep my thoughts come to life.

I could've dreamt of a paradise where I experience all of my desires

Or I could've gotten nightmares where demons hunted me while its dark

But instead I dreamed of you.

Euphoria rushes through my veins as we spend time together within the fantasy

But just like the rain, dreams will always come to a halt.

As the light of the sun gazes on my face, I wake from my slumber and you fade away.

Staying awake is better than having wonderful dreams then waking up knowing it is all fake.

A cup of warm milk to those who want to go back to sleep and continue dreaming

And coffee to those who just wants to stay awake to avoid further disappointments.

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