Love is Complicated.
Love is Complicated. love stories

justanother Expect something.
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He's so great but I'm too scared to tell him.

Love is Complicated.

by justanother

Ever since the day I met you, I knew there was something different about you.

Whatever it is, it draws me to you for reasons I can't explain.

I don't know how you did it but you did.

You made me fall for you.


I think about you more than I think about myself.

Your smile could light up a whole football stadium.

Your laughter is as infectious as a common cold.

You are the only person I can stand to look in the eye.

Everyday, I look forward to seeing you.

You light up my world.

All the crazy and stupid things you do make me like you more.

I don't know why.

I haven't known you very long, but somehow you know me so well.

You're by far the funniest person I know.

You can always make me laugh, no matter what mood I'm in.

Thank you.

I know you probably don't like me.


I like you a lot.

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