The Final “Fuck You”
The Final “Fuck You” getting over you stories

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Can we talk about how You said you just "Had to do it"

The Final “Fuck You”

Can we talk about how

You said you just "Had to do it"

You just had to be done with me

Even when

You always come back to me

But this time

When you're ready to come back

There will be nothing to come back to


I will be gone

I will grow up

I will grow stronger

And I will not take you back

Because you don't deserve the love

And affection

I seem to saddle you with.

Why do I give you all my time and love? Why do I drop the people that make you insecure? Why do I sit here and make playlists for you?

When you won’t even give me the time of day.

Over and over

You tell me how I cannot make you feel loved

I can only make you feel appreciated.

So the final words I have for you,

Since you wouldn't even let me say 'I love you'

Or goodbye,

The last thing I'm going to say to you

"Fuck You,

You're missing out,"

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