Run Jubileen Run! (Extended version)
Run Jubileen Run!

(Extended version) thriller stories

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This is the extended version of a dream I have, the original is titled “Run Jubileen Run!”

Run Jubileen Run! (Extended version)

The cabin in the woods. We were having dinner. It was so fine this October day. Nothing could ever go against us, we were happy and safe. ———— CRASH ———— That was the sound of a window breaking, we were scared and screaming.

Big mistake. We brought it right to us. It looked like a girl, she had long blonde hair and dark eyes, she was wearing a pretty white dress. It was torn at the knees. ———— She was a monster ———— She had long claws and her hair was ragged. She looked like she was doused in black goop.

The black substance was dripping off of her and she charged at us. There was screaming for a couple of seconds. Then it stopped. I couldn’t find the strength to open my eyes. ———— ‘Hurry, before she catches us.’ ———— That was my sister, she pulled my arm and we escaped through the broken window.

My younger brother had followed along with us, right behind us. We were looking for an opening to run to the forest that was right behind our cabin. The monster was circling the house. Looking for us. ———— ‘Now.’ ————

That was the signal to run, me and my siblings bolted to the forest while the monster was distracted. We rounded the corner to find a large statue of a hand protruding out of the ground, we spotted the shed that belonged to my father. It was warped and slanted so that we could climb onto it using the statue.

———— ‘Hurry!’ ———— That is what my brother whispered at us, we could hear the monster close to us. We needed to start climbing now. As my sister and brother had made it up, I was the only one left that needed to climb.

But I was too late. The monster had a clear view of me, and started to run at me. ———— ‘Climb now!’ ———— That is what my sister shouted, but I could not climb. The shouting and stress covered in the adrenaline and will to live was too much. As I had my foot up to climb,

I had slipped, luckily my sister and brother were able to hoist me up onto the roof of the shed. ———— ‘Thank god!’ ———— Exclaimed my sister. I was great full that they were able to save me from the monster. ———— We must hurry now! It circling us! ————

That was my brother, he was in fact correct about what the best was doing below us. It wasn’t long before it would find enough force to make the shed topple over. We needed to move, and fast.

Just as suspected, the beast pounced on the shed, it’s inhumane strength getting the upper hand of things as it started to climb the side of the shed. ———— ‘AHHH!!’ ———— Screamed my brother as he fell. Straight into the beasts mouth.

I watched in horror as he slowly disappeared into the mouth and throat of the girl. We had no time to mourn as we were on the move again. We had stopped at a cemetery located right outside the forest. ———— THUMP ———— We heard the beast.

Knowing full well what would happen if it caught us we were found. We quickly jumped on our feet and ran until... ———— ‘WAIT!’ ———— That was my sister screaming, I looked back to see her shirt caught on the fence of the cemetery. That beast hot on our trail.

I wanted to save her. I really did. But then I would risk having to face the beast. And I ran far away from her. I didn’t look back. Even as I heard her scream bloody murder, as I heard the sound of flesh rip.

I was now blindly running in the middle of the night through a forest. I had no idea where I was or where I was going. Although what made me want to keep running was the increasing sound of the beasts large footsteps. Stomping across the ground.

I was blindly running so of course I didn’t see the big cliff. I was blindly running so I didn’t have time to prepare myself. That is until I fell. Straight into the mouth of the beast.

And then...

I woke up.

On this fine October day.

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