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You’ve been the star of these poems 
the star of the play

Dear A,

You’ve been the star of these poems

the star of the play

The star that’s always shined so bright through the reflection of my blue eyes, my gateway

It’s no surprise it’s ended up this way

Fairytale endings are overrated, aren’t they? 

A girl and a boy with crushes since the middle school days 

If it weren’t for the tragic truth, the story would be pretty lame anyways…

Or would it be the best one out there, playing in the minds of our audience on replay? 

But that’s just way too cliche.

The tragic truth is, I’ll always be the one that got away 
Here without you, alone in a world so cold and grey 
 Why do the souls that are made for each other somehow get led astray?

Far far away

As if nothing ever happened 

As if our love didn’t cure the pain 

You were that ray 

My ray of hope

My ray of love

My ray of light

A candle guiding me through a dark night

Always, as I got lost, not knowing if I could ever get out…spending hours running to find the exit to happiness… there you were, A.

And I thought perfection couldn’t physically be displayed 

You proved me wrong, A.

You’re someone I would always dream of ending up with someday.

But A, 

Dreams don’t last long and you’ll always wake up, the next day.


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