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jupiter_sunset What i write is written without sleep
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It starts and ends with a window.


by jupiter_sunset

It starts and ends with a window.

"Your new bedroom" I look through the small window of the small room.

I cried for two hours on the drive back to Denver, knowing that the big move was actually going to happen.

The first nights, laying on that air mattress, crying, I look through the window at the night sky,I feel the breeze, I'm at ease.

Throughout the year, I watch the seasons change though this soulless window.

I saw the difference in summer and winter on the tree in the alley way.

Neighbors come and go, but I remain, this window remains.

But the window sees all as well

The window sees me at my best, and my worst. As if it has eyes it can cry when I cry, watch the shade in the sky change as rain drops roll from the window, just as tears from the eye.

Watch closely as your refection dances in the mirror next time you sing, you will feel the energy coming from this window.

And now

as I go to sleep, I lay looking out of this window, planning life, closing my eyes, feeling the breeze, I'm at ease.

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