Passion-Red Heart
Passion-Red Heart heart stories

junepher Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   5 months ago

Passion-Red Heart

This feeling of erosion appeared one day

Those deep seeds must've been planted long ago

Slowly, it may wither away into a pile of dust

So I'm searching for a far off land with greener grass

With my passion-red heart

This heart I carry is already in its final stage

The strings which were connected once are starting to break away

I've tried so hard to find myself a reason

But instead, I'm going to ask for a replacement

For my passion-red heart

If I have to travel around the whole world for the red glow to return

Then I'd rather be still for the rest of my life

Because what can this world give to me that I can't give myself?

I'll stand before Him and ask for something else

Another passion-red heart

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