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Birds know better than we do.


When did the bird learn to fear men?

To back away slowly, and take to the sky

And fly away as far as it can

At the sight of a man

It can only take to escape

And I wonder

Since when has the world been this way

When did the bird learn to fear?

Did a mother bird sit by her children

And tell them to

tread carefully

To move away

And to not dare and make a sound

With tiny bird feet upon the ground

To never trust the plentiful food and harvest

Provided by open arms

For these men are enemies

So many roaming the earth

With ignorance in their brightly colored eyes

And she would say

"My child,

you must fear evil

If you want to live free "

When did the bird learn to?

To listen for the sounds of footsteps

And the sounds of breathing,

The smells of civilization and the taste of


To look at a world, destroyed before them

And another growing

Like a cancerous build up

The earth grew sick and weak

As her own evil creations began to

kill her slowly.

When did the bird learn?

Learn what we have been taught

To fear men.

For men are the ones most likely

To hurt us.

I am less likely to die

If I do not remain in this chokehold of a society

And though men may be smart

Why do birds know better

Than we do.

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