Hello Neighbour! Winter Tales** part 2

Hello Neighbour!

Winter Tales**                       part 2 feelinngs stories

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This is the second part of my Hello Neighbour ❤ story & I hope you like it.
Enjoy 🙂

Hello Neighbour! Winter Tales** part 2

Well, what can I help you with? (Jack) Umm.. My shower is not working and I have no idea what the problem is even though I got it fixed yesterday but apparently it's still broken. (Jack)

It's very odd of me to ask you this but I really need a favour. Can I use your shower ? (Emily) Oh umm.. It is kinda weird and... (Jack) Please it's really important, I have a job interview in about 3 hours, pleaseee (Emily) ... Okay (Jack)

Later that morning She thanks him and goes about her business while he makes his breakfast with very confused thoughts.


There's a knock on the door so Jack opens the door Oh, hey Emily Hi Jack I made some cupcakes & coffee and I was wondering if you wanted to join me, that way I could also thank you for the favour?

I suppose I could (Jack) Great I'll be waiting for you on the rooftop (Emily) Sure I'll be there in a minute (Jack) (Jack goes to the rooftop)

Emily & Jack enjoy their cupcakes and hot coffee with a pretty view. So do you have any family members here? (Jack) No, my parent's live in Vladivostok and I have no siblings. (Emily) I see (Jack)

Tell me about yourself Jack. Well I am a native and I have a big family of 8. I work at an investment corporation .. Jack & Emily enjoy their little chat while getting to know each other.

These are some really nice cupcakes, I love them (Jack compliments) Emily blushes and smiles like a little kid who got his favourite candy and offers him more. (Jack gets her number before going back to their homes)

LATER THAT NIGHT Emily: Checking her phone more than usual & feeling a little anxious. Is he going to text me tonight? What if I'm being too clingy? Maybe he's a sleep, It's almost 11:00pm I should get to bed too.

RING RING Emily quickly checks her phone He finally decided to message me huh! (says Emily) They go on all night texting each other and falling into the sweet trap of love.

To be continued...

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