Hello Neighbour! Winter Tales** part 1

Hello Neighbour!

Winter  Tales**                       part 1 love stories

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Emily travels from Russia to Canada in search of a new job..
Read and find out what happens next ❤
*^) I'm new to writing stories and this is my first ever ROMANCE story that I've written. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to point out any mistakes and/or give suggestionsr(^*
Enjoy 🙂

Hello Neighbour! Winter Tales** part 1

Ting Tong Ting Tong Tiiiing Tooong

Rubbing his eyes, Jack wakes up and checks his phone for the time. 7am! he exclaims Who could it be? He thinks as he gets up to answer the door.

Upon opening the door a gust of strong freezing wind enters his warm and cozy apartment. As he looks up he sees...

A Beautiful young woman standing on his doorstep wearing nothing but a black Jean and a white top. Hi!! (she says smilingly) Hey! May I help you? (Jack) My name's Emily and I just moved in the apartment right next to yours. Oh so that's what the noise was about last night he adds.

Yeah she says, feeling a little awkward. If you don't mind may I please come in? It's freezing out Here. Sure (as he invites her in). Puff.. as she sits on the sofa. It's freezing out here, I had no idea it gets so cold out here.

Yeah ( feeling sleepy and surprised) Can I get you some coffee? Yes please! (Emily) What was your name again he asks as he heads to the kitchen to make coffee for the two of them.

Emily Emily Stones Nice to meet you Emily. I'm Jack Daemon Nice to meet you too Jack.

In his head while making coffee (she's so beautiful, never have I seen such a beauty around here) ~Emily a tall & beautiful young woman with hair silkier than that of Black Beauty & Blacker than coal, her skin so glabrous and her plump red lips like freshly picked strawberries~

Here's your coffee as he places the big mug on the little table next to her. Thank you she says You're welcome he replies.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you early in the morning but I have a slight problem, maybe you could help me as I'm totally clueless. And I just moved from Russia a week ago. That's great. Welcome to Canada! Hehe, thanks

To be Continued....

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