Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety Attacks anxiety stories

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Anxiety Attacks

One, two, take a deep breath.. One, two--

Doom is at your doorstep; Death a tangible threat.

Evil is evident, yet its face never ascertained.

Uninvited guest, oh, how he comes and he goes at his own convenience.

There's no running, there's no hiding.

Weakness feeds his appetite, from fear he finds his fill.

Yet you relent, and lie there paralyzed.

You fool! If only you could see that Darkness comes from within.

Stop indulging in your cowering; pamper your inferiority no longer.

Does the Sun shine or does it burn? Truly it is up to you to discern.

A fable is tomorrow--of it no promise. A single moment mustn't go to waste.

Look no further for a cure than the youth of your own, for 'tis the antidote to a sick and poisoned soul.

So go on now, dress yourself accordingly. Darkness is nowhere to make a dwelling.

When he pays you yet another visit, invite him to the Light so he'd evaporate in it.

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