One for the Seniors.
One for the Seniors.  animal stories

julybunny Community member
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Please adopt an older pet from the shelter! <3

One for the Seniors.

I see you behind those prison bars.

I see your pain.

You put on a brave face, but you're really scared, aren't you?

Do I look like your savior? Bathed in a golden light?

Am I wearing a halo wide 'round my head?

No. Silly. Don't look at me like that. I'm not here for you.

I'm not looking for somebody like you.

You're not right for me. Not you.

I'm not sure I can overlook your...

Silver fur

Unsteady paws

Soulful eyes

Please don't stare at me like that. It hurts.

You're fine. You don't need me. Don't think like that.

Be strong. I'm not the one for you. Please, look away...

I'm not here to take you home today.

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