A story of love ignored by perfect timing.
 A story of love ignored by perfect timing. love-deceit-life stories

julio7818 A poet, A lover, A conscious Mind.
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Desperate measures for desperate times.

A story of love ignored by perfect timing.

Her love came so fast into my life that I didn’t see it coming, she was the most beautiful creature these eyes had seen in a very very long time. She was the smartest girl I had met as well, her smile captivated me, she was funny, witty, awesome heart of gold and she was a natural born friendly person, a girl with character, with a soul that I was ready to make it mine at all costs, there was only a little problem... I was married and now I was in deep trouble as I had never done this before. I never felt an attraction this deep for someone that o had barely met, had barely spoken too. She came so fast into my life that I had to time to even think I shouldn’t do this as I have a life and share many things with another woman. And before things went any further I began to think in my head what’s the right thing to do? I hesitated for a while but gain control of my thoughts for a while and managed to tell her, listen miss I can’t love you and can’t see you all cants were rising up to me and felt brave but didn’t know what I was getting into. Finally I said it, yes i did! I said I’m married, she then proceeded to get close to me and said come here and gave me a kiss and said I like you a lot and that’s for you being truthful and I like honesty in a man and frankly I’ve never dated or have gone out with a married man before because they’re liars and just downright bad dudes! I said please don’t get this the wrong way and she pulled me again and we started kissing very passionately and we both forgot every we had spoken about what my intentions were at that very moment in time. After a couple of days I was feeling soo lucky and not at the same time as I was having some issues already right before I met her the girl with the heart of gold and the lips of an angel. We became lovers and partners in a small venture we then started, we were working together and I was feeling very sad as I was continuing this relationship and this began to bother me more and more I ended up one day feeling I could not continue to be being this person I have not been before and had to talk this time and be honest about my feelings. So I proceeded to tell her one night that i wanted to just be married and wanted to stay with my wife, that devastated her and she cried out in misery and pain and I noticed that she really really loved me and I did to but was feeling regret as I had always been a man of character and didn’t have a problem with staying away from this type of situations and had not experienced this type of love on a beautiful and smart girl with everything to offer for love and a shot at being with someone that will sweep her of her feet even if that had to be something the world would have to judge and would be something society was against with and feelings didn’t matter to be judged for loving someone married. So I confronted her and said this stops tonight, we had our last encounter and in that moment she felt that my love and hers got tangled up so deep inside our souls that she told me ... something has changed form tonight that will change forever and started crying and I had to let her go I didn’t realize that she that night would most definitely change our lives, she got pregnant and it was hard very hard as I didn’t have children with my wife as we had children with other people but not us she then disappeared and I had to stick by as it changed me to know that we would have a little princess and she suffered a lot and I feel miserable for not being there a 100% but I couldn’t even if I wanted to my wife got very ill and I could not just go out on her like that she had been my wife for 5 years and we were very close, but this girl had changed my life, my perspective in the situation was changing day by day and now my little girl is 2 years old and I’m now worst than when I started this change on my life as now the mother of my princes doesn’t accept the fact that I did want to finish the relationship but at the same time knowing the fact that I was going to be a dad gave me the opportunity to be there for her and see her grow and cherish her and her mother as well, now I love them both and still keep going and still married but lifeless and now my smarty pants doesn’t love me anymore as she says perfect timing wasn’t for us so now we’re still together but for the most part our days are for our princess and we hope to be great parents always and hope this would end peacefully and will not render any harm on the princess that made perfect timing on all of us.

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