Misisipi boy
Misisipi boy love stories

julijailinskait Community member
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You are a good boy A protestant boy

Misisipi boy

You are a good boy A protestant boy I am a bad catholic girl You make me laugh With your hilarious cowboy accent My european accent and broken english turns you on I know that you want me Guess what I want you even more, Baby,I can only touch you

Through the freaking screen, It is hard not to be capable, To touch your blonde brown American hair, I wish you could hug me, kiss me, fuck me, Please fuck me one day my fantasies are killing me I think Im falling in love with you, Our special connection is killing my mind

Baby, Im poor!! You, focused on your studies, I am extra and weird, I study unprofitable degree 9000 kilometres apart of you Makes it so challenging and impossible, For us to see how freaky and crazy we would be together But at the same time all these obstacles, Makes me want you even more!

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