Or As I Do
Or As I Do little brother stories

julianne8pizza I want to impact people, will you listen
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I went from big sister, to mom, to the bad example I hope you never follow

Or As I Do

You know I love you

I basically raised you

I took your broken heart and made it brand new

But my innocence got scared and it ran away

Don't do as I say

Or as I do

Back in the day I didn't have a clue

Blissful ignorance is what got me through

And now mind numbing bottles hold me together like glue

And all my shame guilt and sadness are left on ashtrays

Don't do as I say

Or as I do

My heart cries knowing you grew

And that I'm not the same person you used to look up to

Now this feeling of worthlessness gives me deja vu

Please Connor, don't walk down my pathway

Don't do as I say

Or as I do

Listen, everything they've said is untrue

I don't know who to believe out of those two

Just don't fall down the hole I fell into

Everything will be soon be okay

Don't do as I say

Or as I do

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