You're still here
You're still here hallucination stories

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Devil's Breath is a drug that makes you hallucinate. During a recent relapse, I took a large amount of this and I hallucinated a lot. And when I eventually came to, this was the hallucination that seemed to stick with me.

You're still here

I took The Devil's Breath last week

For the first time in a while

And I spoke to a girl in the mirror

She was beautiful

She had a bright voice

And the perfect smile

Her laugh was contagious

But she wasn't me

Her eyes sparkled brightly

Her cheeks weren't caved in

She stood tall and strong

But she wasn't me

I blinked and she was gone

And I was there again

I wasn't beautiful

My voice was dim and sad

I haven't seen my smile

I haven't heard my laugh

I'm just me

My cheeks are caved in

My bones are jutting out

I'm just me

I wanted to see her again

So I took The Devil's Breath

But when I looked in the mirror

I said to myself

You're still here

It was just me

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