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I was adopted by my foster parents. This is for my biological mother who I have nothing but well wishes for.



By Julia Hamilton

What have I done

They'll never look at me the same

I'm now a wounded puppy

Alone here in the rain

I swore I wasn't like her

I said that she was worse

But on her path, I'm walking

This life that she endorsed

I'm not allowed to see her

Alone or by myself

We need a babysitter

They say she's crazier than hell

I don't want her to be lonely

She's got nobody else

But she's all the way up there

Upon the highest shelf

Does she know that I can't reach her?

Or does she even care?

Does she know that I still love her?

That I was trying to get up there?

And does she know that I am crumbling?

Does she know I'm at my worst?

Does she know that I still love her

When I'm putting myself first?

I just want my mother

But to that place, I cannot go

I want her to remember

I just want her to know

I'm sorry my dear mother

But I can't become you

It hurts that you won't listen

There's no more I can do

I love you my mother

I just want you to hear

That no matter what happens

I hope you'll persevere

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