morning after
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no amount of drinks will drown out the agony you put me through.

morning after

The gentle glow of the morning sun

Leaves a sense of tranquility settling within me

As I lie here, nestled within a cocoon of warm cotton sheets.

The foggy haze has settled in my head;

Snippets of last night’s experience

Integrate and huddle up against one another

With every striking detail flashing across my mind,

Over and over in sequences,

Like a film repeatedly running its length on a screen.

I can relive the night clearly,

Bitter, cold beer, the burning sensation sliding down my throat;

Warm cheeks, the slurred laughter spilling from our lips.

Then comes the climax of the exhibition,

Trembling fingers, the wetness trailing down my chin;

Comforting arms, the gentle kiss with the promise of solace.

How painful it is to me now,

To have the film come to an end,

Where I find that even in the most beautiful moments of solitude,

With God’s greatest gift bathing me in warmth,

The haze is only receding,

With the bleak memory of being forsaken by you.

- (even in my drunken stupor, your hold on me is impossible to forget.)

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