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jule we're all trying, trying, trying.
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I walk down this very path during these haunting nights, and I still stumble at this very crossroad, every night.

blurred lines

The lines between my reality and my dream

Are once again a drawn out blur to me.

The hesitant touch I feel on my skin,

The warmth of your arms, your body,

The soft embrace I allowed myself to sink in,

A sweetness I’ve yearned to feel again for so long.

At nights like this, when sleep slips away from me

Like the sand that flowed through the gaps of my fingers

When we were at the beach that one gorgeous evening,

When I was so young and naïve,

And so madly in love with you.

My thoughts often wander down this path,

A winding, long, and confusing road,

Where I wonder why the sweetness of your lips,

Gives me a bitter aftertaste when we part;

Why your embrace that was warm and welcoming,

Leaves me feeling colder than before when I try to remember it.

It’s a road I should’ve left behind when you walked away that dawn –

This desolate maze that keeps me awake as the night engulfs me,

Imprisoning me with my thoughts in its hauntingly enchanting darkness.

It is always during these nights where her words ring in my ears

Like sirens and fire alarms, blaring, loud and painfully clear.

And it is always during these nights where I ask myself,

Is this really what I want?

- "Promise me that you won’t stay with him just because you feel obliged to, just because you thought he was the only person meant for you."

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