What's Your Story?

What's Your Story?
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julcia i like sleeps
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Will Anderson has never seen another so beautiful and wants to desperately win Isabelle Steele over for one simple night. Isabelle? Absolutely uninterested. He is St. Josephs player. Sexy, charming, and in the snap of two fingers, has girls on their knees. She won't budge. Not for a second. After her cheating scandal in high school in Chicago? Theres no way. She has become numb to any form of love. Especially playboys.

What's Your Story?

"Iced coffee, almond milk, and sugar," I say to the short blonde barista in front of me, while looking into my wallet.

"That will be four dollars and thirty-seven cents." I grab my card and hand it to her, taking the receipt. She laughs.

"No one uses a card around here." She comments, "It's rare."

"Why?" I ask, confused.

"No tax if you use cash, you're not from here are you?"

"Chicago." I claim and smile, holding up my keys I've been holding, showing a Chicago keychain.

"What's your name? I have a feeling you're here to stay." She shifts her balance to her other leg.

"Isabella." I say, smirking a little, "Only if I like the coffee."

"You will." She says, turning on her heel and starting on my coffee.

I walk over to the little area specifically for local art of St.Joseph, Michigan. I walk around, eyeing up the little figurines and I hear my order number.

I grab my coffee from the girl and sit down at one of the tables and pull my laptop out.

I start on a paper, sipping my coffee, while a huge bang comes from the doors and I look up to see a group of guys barging into the coffee shop disrupting the silent air around me.

I immediately look down to my computer, praying not to get noticed and I sink lower in my chair.

"Heeey Will!" The barista calls over to one of the guys.

I slyly look up from my computer to see a taller guy among the group with light brown curly hair that hangs lower on his forehead.

His jaw is very defined with high cheek bones complimenting his tan skin and light eyes. I can't tell from this distance.

He leans over the counter and smiles at her, "Hi Amber." She shrieks in response,

"Hi guys, how are you all?" She giggles, smiling at them, swinging her blonde ponytail back and forth.

They all reply variously and she smiles, leaning on the counter towards the boys but mainly the so called "Will".

They buy two packs of root bear, some old fashioned kind in the little fridges they have and start walking out beside me.

I glance for a second and see Will glancing at me, he slows down behind the group of guys and stops. I look away, staring at my computer, typing anything to look busy.

I hear footsteps behind me and then in front of me, scrapes of the chair fill the room.

I look up quickly and see "Will" with a straight face planting himself into the chair in front of me. He folds his arms in front of me and cocks his head back.

"Can I... Help you?" I muster out, mocking him, folding my arms.

He searches my face for a second and I turn to see the guys standing there smirking, crossing their arms. I turn back to face this chiseled face

A few seconds go by and we lock eyes the entire time.

"Hello?" I ask, moving my eyes side to side.

"She's not from here." Amber chirps, "Chicago."

Mr.Green Eyes, finally able to see, says, "Oh, she's not used to guys coming up to a good looking girl... Gotcha." He looks at me the whole time without breaking eye contact.

But I break eye contact, I'll blush if I don't.

"Not interested." I say flatly, shutting my computer and looking back at him with a hard glare.

"Oh, princess, alright." He says, picking up his hands, submitting.

"Just go." I say, waffing my hand in the air.

"Oh she's from Chicago, you can tell." He laughs and I furrow my eyebrows.

He finally gets up and I look in the other direction.

He leans in close to me and in a low voice he says, "You'll see me around." and gets up, walking off.

I turn around, rubbing the spot on my neck that he breathed on when talking that flared up in goosebumps.

"I think you mean, I'll see you around." I yell at him.

"No. I meant what I said." He says gazing at me and laughs with his friends, filing out the door while they all "ooo" at me.

Whatever, I think to myself.


I walk down the steps, towards my house. When I get to the bottom I turn to see what all the people around me are looking at.

Every step is lined with a part of a butterfly and when you look at it from the bottom of the steps, it creates a whole butterfly and theres like three on these steps.

I grab my camera and take a picture. I love photography. I walk on the sidewalk, passing happy children walking to a huge fountain that has water squirts every ten minutes creating a dome.

Like a perfect moment, the poles with the water start squirting and creating the dome, I snap another picture.

I keep following the side walk and I end up by the beach. A set of swings moving in the wind from previous children and the beautiful lake create a perfect picture. I snap another one.

I take the empty swings to my advantage and hop over, putting my backpack on the sand, slinging my camera around my neck and I hop on the swing.

I unlock my phone and see a notification on instagram and I open it.

"Mike posted a picture for the first time in awhile"

I click on it and open a picture to a couple, Mike getting kissed by a a pretty brunette with pretty gray eyes.

I stare at the picture and I feel water on my face. I touch my face and wipe my tears. I sigh and pick up my camera, snapping pictures of the sunset and shore.

My tears keep flowing and a sob escapes my lips. I cover my face and try to come myself down.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I jump, hopping off and turning around, looking at Will of people.

"It's just you." I say and I sit down again, wiping my face. "What do you want?"

"Are you okay?" he asks and dare I say, he looks sad?

He kneels down in front of me, another sob and another escapes my mouth and he pinches his lips in the corner of his mouth.

I cover my face and I can't stop it at this point. I sob and bend my body, resting my elbows against my knees.

All of the sudden he pulls my hands away and I widen my eyes, staring at his, searching his face. "What?"

"Tell me your story." He says, his voice low.


Hi! This is a new story I came up with on vacation! The pic is the cafe I saw! PLEASE JUST DROP A LITTLE COMMENT OF WHAT YOU THINK! THANKS! :]

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