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Read. it. again.

By trulymadlynbsb

"I could still remember the first time we met. The bar’s pretty dim, but you were glowing through the crowd. Deeply captivated in your eyes, I tried my best to strike an interesting conversation with you. After that chat, I fell in love with you. You were... different.

Know what? After our convo, I deleted your number. I realized that you’re out of my league. Well, I guess fate has other plans for us, as we met again in my cousin’s birthday party.

You surprised me, right when you confessed that you have a crush on me, right in front of my relatives. I still couldn’t believe that you did it. Of all the men in that bar, and of all the guys who tried to win you over in the party, you still fell for me.

Cheated on, friendzoned, rejected — I’m hopeless when it comes to relationships. This is why I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Remember my promise? I will never let you get away from me. I love you so much, Rebecca. Love, Your Darling"

Rebecca smiled as she finished reading her boyfriend's Valentine letter. He then smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you so much for all of this. For the romantic set-up you made in my condo, for the necklace…and for this love letter. Happy Valentine's Darling.” She said, hugging him.

She was taken aback with a sharp pain from her stomach.

"Ahh! D-Darling?! What are you doing?!" Rebecca cried in pain with every stab from her boyfriend's knife.

The knife then slipped from his hands, stopping him from fully killing her.

Despite of the pain, she managed to talk. “I — don’t…get…it…Why?”

“Read the letter.” He answered. "That's how you will find it out."


"Read it again for me, Darling."

He said softly, with a sinister grin on his face,

Rebecca looked at the now blood-stained letter, she tries to read it again and to remember its contents, but she still couldn't get it.

" W--why you....w-why..."

He smiled, as she sobs in agony. He grabbed the knife that slipped from his hand.

"Happy Valentine's Day, cheater." he stabbed her for the last time.

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