Flying Away From You
Flying Away From You  romance stories

julcee Filipina. Always looking for coffee.
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My bags are packed. I'm ready to go.

Flying Away From You

Waiting for the airplane, alone in the crowd

I'm flying away from you

Carrying the baggage and memories I couldn't left

Time to say the unsaid goodbye to you

Analyzing my decisions since the day we met

I'm not sure if this is what I should do

Remembering the times that felt amazing

I smiled thinking about you

Painful remarks echoed, reminds of my bruised heart

Pretty sure you will eventually do this too

Erasing all the pictures on my phone

I've come up with the decision, boo

Trying to delete every trace of what we had

I know this is the start to forget you

Heading towards the airplane, decided

I'm flying away from you

Yet as much as I'm sure to leave you

I'm not sure

I'm not sure if I'll ever stop loving you.

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