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How does it feel to fall?


Did you ever feel like wanting to jump off the nearest bridge, tower, cliff? Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t.

I was one of those who did, one of those curious beings who have been wondering, how does it feel to fall?

Those inevitable seconds of death, the sensation it brings to their bodies as they approach the asphalt, I wanted to know.

Maybe one day, I’ll just consider jumping off somewhere, with my hands up high in the air, with a smile across my face as I accept eternal slumber.

But then, love went over and slapped me right into my consciousness.

Love, my friend, is what falling feels like. You’re afraid to do it, you know that you may die from it, but you’ll end up doing it.

Once you jump, you’ll feel the warm breeze caressing your face, and that satisfying feeling of being free.

As you approach the end, you may end up regretting, but it’s too late, as you feel the impact from your foolishness. Blood is already flowing from the back of your head.

Pain is dominating every inch of your body. Nevertheless, you will never forget the comfort of jumping off a building — the breeze, the freedom, the magic it brings into you.

Pain would never toppled that.

You will hear the echoes of death, it will try to take your life. But don’t let death get you.

Don’t. Don’t die. Not now. Fight.

What you should do after that is to stand up, and heal all the unimaginable injuries it brought to you. Then jump again.

This time, don’t jump into the ground.

Fall into the water. Somewhere far away, somewhere deep.

Because shallow waters would also bring the same impact, the same pain from jumping into the ground.

Jump off a bridge, and let go. Feel the water. Drown.

This time, there would be no impact, no pain — just you and the sea.

I ended up with bruises from countless jumps, and scars from reckless wounds.

Love is an emotional suicide, the feeling that would make you clutch tightly to that final piece of your sanity.

But you’ll end up letting it all go, because love makes you feel elated, love makes you happy.

So for the nth time, I’ll just let go of all the hesitations and would jump again.

Maybe this time, I’ll be approaching the sea.

Written by: trulymadlynbsb

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